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Beatrix / Chaise-longue

₴ 8,480.00

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The original and ergonomic design of the chaise longue, an anatomically correct shape will satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements and will give a maximum of comfort. Chaise-lounge can be used as a rocker or with a stand, fixing it in a comfortable position. The angle of inclination can be adjusted. The rockers are covered with a protective felt tape, which allows to use it on any floor coating (parquet, laminate, tile).

A scale of colours allows you to choose textiles to your taste, leaning towards the undertone prevailing in the interior. Certainly, this chaise-lounge is suitable for people who see value in original and practical things.

Data sheet

Height depends on adjustment
Width 500mm, 550mm, 600mm
Length 1400мм, 1750мм
Plywood thickness 24mm
Lamellae thickness 10mm
Maximal load 125 kg.
Weight 17 kg
Stuffing non-woven woolen fibre, batt, 6 cm height.

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